International Conference on
Enumerative Combinatorics and Applications
ICECA 2024 (August 26-28, 2024)

Pervious Conferences: ICECA2022, ICECA2023.


Enumerative combinatorics is a dynamic subfield of the mathematical sciences with many challenging research problems, ingenious and sophisticated techniques, and important applications in various scientific fields. Questions from a broad range of areas, including algebra, topology, probability, computer science, physical, chemical and biological sciences, have some surprising hidden combinatorial structures that require enumerative methods for their solution. The aims of this conference are
  •  to highlight the recent significant theoretical advances in enumerative and analytic combinatorics;
  •  to showcase the important new applications of enumerative combinatorics to problems arising in other scientific disciplines;
  •  to discuss new questions, ideas, and methods of an enumerative nature from various scientific fields;
  •  to bring together researchers of various backgrounds and experience from several fields whose research utilizes or touches upon enumerative techniques.


Chair: Toufik Mansour University of Haifa
Co-chairs: Ron Adin Bar-Ilan University, Mark Dukes University College Dublin, Ilias Kotsireas Wilfrid Laurier University, Anna Melnikov University of Haifa, Armend Sh. Shabani University of Prishtina, Alek Vainshtein University of Haifa, Gökhan Yıldırım Bilkent University.

Program (under constructions)

First Day, August 26, 2024, 16:00-21:00 Israel time (IDT zone time)
      Log in time(15:00-15:55)
      Opening (15:55-16:00)
      Richard Stanley Massachusetts Institute of Technology
           Title: TBA, Abstract (16:00-16:50)
      Contributed Talk (16:55-17:10)
      Margaret A. Readdy University of Kentucky
           Title: TBA, Abstract (17:15-18:05)
      Contributed Talk (18:10-19:25)
      Victor Reiner University of Minnesota
           Title: TBA, Abstract (18:30-19:20)
      Contributed Talk (19:25-19:40)
      Douglas B. West Zhejiang Normal University and University of Illinois
           Title: Sharp lower bounds for the number of maximum matchings in bipartite multigraphs, Abstract (19:45-20:35)
      Contributed Talk (20:40-20:55)
      Closing first day (20:55-21:00)

Second Day, August 27, 2024, 16:00-21:00 Israel time (IDT zone time)
      Log in time(15:00-15:55)
      Opening (15:55-16:00)
      Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi National Institute of Informatics
           Title: TBA, Abstract (16:00-16:50)
      Contributed Talk (16:55-17:10)
      Micha Sharir Tel Aviv University
           Title: TBA, Abstract (17:15-18:05)
      Contributed Talk (18:10-19:25)
      Alan Frieze Carnegie Mellon University
           Title: TBA, Abstract (18:30-19:20)
      Contributed Talk (19:25-19:40)
      Stephan Wagner Uppsala Universitet
           Title: TBA, Abstract (19:45-20:35)
      Contributed Talk (20:40-20:55)
      Closing second day (20:55-21:00)

Third Day, August 28, 2024, 16:00-20:50 Israel time (IDT zone time)
      Log in time(15:00-15:55)
      Opening (15:55-16:00)
      Jaeseong Oh Yonsei University
           Title: TBA, Abstract (16:00-16:50)
      Contributed Talk (16:55-17:10)
      Ilse Fischer University of Vienna
           Title: TBA, Abstract (17:15-18:05)
      Contributed Talk (18:10-19:25)
      Steph van Willigenburg University of British Columbia
           Title: The (3+1)-free conjecture of chromatic symmetric functions, Abstract (18:30-19:20)
      Contributed Talk (19:25-19:40)
      Contributed Talk (19:45-20:00)
      Contributed Talk (20:05-20:20)
      Contributed Talk (20:25-20:40)
      Closing third day (20:45-20:50)


To register for the conference, please the conference's organizing committee chair, Toufik Mansour, at with the following :
  1. The subject line "ICECA-2024";
  2. Please include your name and surname in the new two lines;
  3. Please include your affiliation in a new line;
  4. If you want to present a contributed talk/contributed poster video at the conference, then in a new line, state this and attach an extended abstract of 4-5 pages (include the bibliography) on 12 size font. All submissions will receive full consideration. We encourage submissions from Ph.D. students and early career researchers. The conference will have space for 12 contributed talks and 12 contributed poster videos (each 15 minutes in length).

Registration will close at the end of June.

We will decide on the selection of contributed talks on middle of June (Submission Deadline: June 1, 2024).

There is no registration fee for the conference participants. Approximately one week before the conference, registered participants will receive an email with instructions on attending the virtual conference. Note that the official language of the conference is English.

Note: Please be aware that the conference is virtual, so be wary of any scam e-mails requesting assistance with travel and lodging concerns linked to the conference.

List of Registrations (in alphabetical order)

  • Ron Adin
  • Alnour Altoum
  • Omer Angel
  • Debo Arikewuyo
  • Hasan Arslan
  • Andrei Asinowski
  • Arvind Ayyer
  • Jean-Luc Baril
  • Margherita Barile
  • Mireille Bousquet-Mélou
  • Aubrey Blecher
  • Thomas Britz
  • Alexander Burstein
  • Sheng Chen
  • William Y.C. Chen
  • Shane Chern
  • Danai Deligeorgaki
  • Priyavrat Deshpande
  • Alexander Diaz-Lopez
  • Stoyan Dimitrov
  • Janet Jinwei Dong
  • Mark Dukes
  • Richard Ehrenborg
  • Sergi Elizalde
  • Sen-Peng Eu
  • Robert Feinberg
  • Ilse Fischer
  • Sela Fried
  • Tamar Friedmann
  • Alan Frieze
  • Ira Gessel
  • Juan B. Gil
  • Marcel Goh
  • Alain Goupil
  • Shuchita Goyal
  • Sean Griffin
  • Nathanaël Hassler
  • Michael Hilgers
  • Sam Hopkins
  • Hui Huang
  • Jia Huang
  • Idris Isyaku
  • Kathy Qing Ji
  • Emma Yu Jin
  • Trevor Karn
  • Alexander Kasprzyk
  • Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi
  • Frether G. Kebede
  • Emrah Kilic
  • Sergey Kirgizov
  • Sergey Kitaev
  • Arnold Knopfmacher
  • Ilias Kotsireas
  • Chudamani P. A. Kumar
  • Joceline Lega
  • Shu Xiao Li
  • Yaakov Malinovsky
  • David Marchant
  • Peter McNamara
  • Anna Melnikov
  • Kh. Md. Mominul Haque
  • Philippe Nadeau
  • Surnam Narendra
  • Niranjan Nehra
  • Jaeseong Oh
  • Soichi Okada
  • Albert Oloo
  • Mohamed Omar
  • Shmuel Onn
  • Lahcen Oussi
  • Leonard Paleta
  • Joseph Pappe
  • C. Y. Amy Pang
  • Svetlana Poznanovikj
  • Helmut Prodinger
  • Ying Anna Pun
  • Feng Qi
  • Jose L. Ramirez
  • Margaret A. Readdy
  • Victor Reiner
  • Thomas Roby
  • Lora Rui
  • Karthik S
  • Bruce Sagan
  • Anne Schilling
  • Matthias Schork
  • Thomas Selig
  • Armend Sh. Shabani
  • Micha Sharir
  • Anurag Singh
  • Dorian Smith
  • Sara Solhjem
  • K Somasundaram
  • Chunwei Song
  • Richard Stanley
  • Sheila Sundaram
  • Nikhil Swami
  • Shuhei Tsujie
  • Adam Van Tuyl
  • Alek Vainshtein
  • Vincent Vajnovszki
  • Vince Vatter
  • Yegnan... Venkataraman
  • Stephan Wagner
  • Haohao Wang
  • Ling Wang
  • Douglas West
  • Michael Wijaya
  • Steph van Willigenburg
  • Qiqi Xiao
  • Daniel Yaqubi
  • Gökhan Yıldırım
  • Raphael Yuster
  • Mariam Zaarour
  • Dax Tianxing Zhan
  • Haoyue Zhu
  • Wu Zhanggui